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Media coverage of '746 is difficult to find, but there is actually a great amount of information out there in newspapers and magazines from 1952 to the present.  With the exception of the Seattle Times article, all reports I've come across have been full of blatant inaccuracies.   One of my primary motivations for compiling this site is to provide an account that is as historically accurate as humanly possible.   I include this media page to be comprehensive, but I make no guarantees to the accuracy of the reports. 

Most recent article brought to my attention is from "ST Birds"(??).  I include it here as an image because it is SO FULL OF ERRORS that it would be a waste of time to convert it to html.   I preserve it here in its original form:

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(Thanks John!)


Below are various media reports from the past- they are also located throughout my website in the appropriate areas:

Life Magazine 1952:

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Photo by Ken Sentner and appears courtesy Ken Sentner Jr and the Hybki family.


Port Townsend Jefferson County Leader, January 24, 1952:

"A big news event took place on the Olympic Peninsula last weekend when a B-17 plane crashed on Tyler Peak (this is not the correct location - Mike)  and tobogganed down the mountain slope, taking the lives of three of the eight crewmen. The five survivors miraculously escaped serious injury. The worst injury to any of the five survivors was a dislocated shoulder. Tyler Peak, shown on maps of the area as 6,359 feet high, is located about midway between the Dungeness and Greywolf river valleys approximately six miles north of Marmot Pass, a landmark well known to hikers of this vicinity. The crash was in Clallam County, about three miles north of the Clallam-Jefferson (also not correct -Mike)   county line. The plane and its eight-man crew was returning to McChord Field from a search mission of its own, looking for survivors of the Korea air lift plane which crashed off the Queen Charlotte Islands, with 36 killed. The pilot of the B-17 said the crash occurred five minutes after they passed over Dungeness. It was estimated the big plane slid down the mountain a thousand feet, leaving a trail of debris as it bounced and tumbled, finally coming to rest in a box valley. The five survivors spent Saturday night under improvised cover and were taken out Sunday by helicopter, which landed them on the front lawn of Olympic Memorial Hospital, Port Angeles. Paramedics who were flown to the scene of the crash conducted a search of the area and on Monday found the bodies of the three me who were killed. The bodies were packed to a clearing from where they were taken by helicopter to Port Angeles."

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(Courtesy Carl Scargall)

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(Courtesy Carl Scargall)

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(Courtesy Carl Scargall)

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(Courtesy Carl Scargall)

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(Courtesy Carl Scargall)

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(Courtesy Leonard Hybki)



There was a large spread in the Jan 21, 1952 Seattle Times.  I am looking for an original copy to digitize, please contact me for more information.

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(Hometown newspaper article from Hybki family archives)



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Newspaper article on crash.   Appears courtesy Hybki family.