Edgar Farmer


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Edgar Farmer
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Edgar Farmer was in the left scanner position on the plane.     Here is his account as recorded in the accident report:

On 19 Jan 1952, while on an IFR flight from Sandspit, B.C. to McChord AFB, Washington, I was sitting in the left scanner position of aircraft #44-85746. Listening on the radio and heard the pilot report to Patricia Bay radio our position over Dungeness intersection at approximately 1825. Almost immediately after making this report we ran into heavy snow, accompanied by severe turbulence. About 5 minutes after hitting this weather, I heard the aircraft hit something. I was thrown forward from my seat to the floor as the aircraft started sliding along the ground. After coming to a stop, I crawled out of the left side of the fuselage. SGT Hartke followed me out. There was a small fire
on the right side of the fuselage which later spread to consume the bomb bay gas tank. Capt Sentner was also in the aircraft and came out the other side. He came around the aircraft and together we started getting equipment out of it. SGT Scargall was thrown out after the first impact and on seeing the fire, came down the hill to join us. Approximately 15 min later, Capt Hybki, who was thrown out on first impact, came on the scene. After salvaging all equipment we could, we wrapped parachutes around the trees to form a windbreak and bedded down for the night. We could find no evidence of anybody else. The next morning we built a fire and prepared flares and smoke bombs for use. We were first sighted at about 1100 that morning. A Coast Guard helicopter evacuated us to Olympic memorial hospital at Port Angeles, Washington.

Edgar Farmer
Left Scanner.