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Lychgate Press Books:

From A Place Far Away To Nowhere and Back In the Keep of Time

From a Place Far Away is my newest book.
Nowhere and Back, originally published in 1975,
and In the Keep of Time, 1977, are new releases.

On Writing:

In the beginning, I wrote articles for science and nature magazines. A lot of these articles came together in Exploring the Insect World. Then I discovered I could just "make it up." No more being tied down by facts! But, of course, even when writing a fantasy, you have to get your facts right. My first venture into time-slip fantasy was To Nowhere and Back, where present-day Elizabeth "became" Ann, who lived a hundred years earlier. To make the story work, I needed to know what life was like for a peasant girl living in a thatched cottage in the 1800s. Writing In the Keep of Time took me back to Scotland in the 15th century.

Although I've jumped about in my writing career--books about everything from bugs and archaeology to chicken brains in a jar, switched identities, and an imagined history of New Zealand--there is a common thread. I love history and nature. I'm fascinated by the lives of the people who made our history, especially in the field of science. And, I'm also concerned about the future and the part each of us plays in making that future happen.


In the Keep of Time eBook

In the Keep of Time,
Originally published in 1977.
It is exciting to bring this well loved book into the digital age!

In the Circle of Time eBook


In the Circle of Time,
originally published in 1979.


Searching for Shona eBook



Searching for Shona,
originally published in 1978.

To Nowhere and Back


To Nowhere and Back
originally published in 1975.


Journey of the Shadow Bairns

The Journey of the Shadow Bairns
originally published 1980.



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Science based activity books for children.

Discovering Black Bears
Dog Eared Publications, 2007

Press Release

Leapfrogging through Wetlands
Dog Eared publications, 1998

Discovering Ancient Forests
Dog Eared publications, 1998


Click to see sample activity sheets.

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Book list:


Olla-piska: Tales of David Douglas (Oregon Historical Society:2006)
Children of Summer: Henri Fabre's Insects (Farrar, Straus and Giroux: 1997)
The Ghost inside the Monitor
(Knopf: 1990)
The Druid’s Gift
(Knopf: 1989)
The Mists of Time
(Knopf: 1984)
The Brain on Quartz Mountain
(Knopf: 1982)
Light in the Mountain ( Knopf: 1982)
Journey of the Shadow Bairns (Knopf: 1980)
In the Circle of Time (Knopf: 1979)
Searching for Shona ( Knopf: 1978)
In the Keep of Time
(Knopf: 1977)
To Nowhere and Back (Knopf:1975)

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Non Fiction

Bugged-Out Insects (Enslow: 2011)
Carl Linnaeus: Father of Classification
(Enslow: 1997, 2009)
Isaac Newton: The Greatest Scientist of All Time
(Enslow: 1996, 2008)
Charles Darwin: Naturalist (Enslow: 1994, 2008)
Alexandria, Virginia (Oxford University Press, 2006)
Aristotle: Philosopher and Scientist (Enslow: 2004)
Chaco Canyon (Oxford University Press: 2002)
Scientists of the Ancient World (Enslow: 1999)
Bugged Out Insects (Enslow: 1996)
Isaac Newton: The Greatest Scientist of All Time (Enslow: 1996)
Food Chains: The Unending Cycle (Enslow: 1991)
Exploring City Trees and the Need for Urban Forest (McGraw-Hill: 1976)
Exploring the Insect World (McGraw-Hill: 1974)

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