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eBooks by Margaret J. Anderson

To Nowhere and Back

I read To Nowhere and Back in the 7th grade, over 27 years ago. I loved that book and a couple of years back found an old copy on Amazon. I've shared that book with several other young girls ever since and it's a hit all around. It never occurred to me to see if you had written any other books until a few minutes ago. LOL. Now I am looking forward to enjoying some of your other stories.

Thank-you!! Gurjeet  July 23, 2013


Searching for Shona eBook

My sister and I were recently discussing your book, Searching for Shona, and how we still think of it some 30+ years later. She purchased it at a school book fair and we read it over and over again. We can still recall specific scenes and how shocked we were at the ending. We loved it. Unfortunately, she didn't keep the book. I am hoping that you will consider making it available either in print or as an eBook. We would like to have our daughters read it now. Thank you!
~~ Colleen, Children’s Librarian. March, 2013.


In the Keep of Time

Thank-you for publishing In the Keep of Time as an ebook. I had been searching for a copy of it for the last several years without success. My Grade Five teacher read this book to our class and I have never forgot it. It instilled a love of history that I've never lost and an appreciation for the "back in time" genre of fiction.
~ ~ Natalie, Ontario, Canada


In the Circle of Time

The real reason I'm writing is to tell you what a profound impact In The Circle of Time had on me. I loved so many things about the story--the society, where children connect with adults according to their interests and dispositions, the heroine's keen interest in knowing the past and seeing into the future, the portrayal of the barbarians of old who remain a threat. . . .
~~Ellen, teacher of ESL, foreign languages.

Journey of the Shadow Bairns


After journeying to northern Saskatchewan with the Barr colonists in 1903, Arthur Black wrote a long letter to his family back in England. He wrote about the difficulties and hardships they faced when they reached Barr's "promised land." Kathleen Black Anderson, mon mother-in-law, gave me a copy of the letter, saying, "Here's an idea for your next book!"

My first draft sounded a bit like I was trying to write "Little House in Big Northern Saskatchewan," except I didn't have Laura Ingalls Wilder's first hand experiences to draw on! So, I began again. I imagined Elspeth and Robbie, two orphaned Scottish children, travelng by themselves. I used Arthur Black's detailed information about everything from the weather to the price of a colt. It was a fun journey of the imagination.

Fiona's book report coverAll in the family!

Years later, Fiona and Gillian,
two of Arthur Black's great, great granddaughters,
posed for this picture as Elspeth and Robbie, for the cover of
Fiona's fourth-grade book report on her grandmother's book.


Chaco Canyon

Chaco Canyon and Bugged Out Insects
are available now as eBooks.

Bugged Out Insects




Margaret J. Anderson on publishing out of print books as e-books...

"It’s a delight to visit with Margaret J Anderson today! It is really cool to talk with one of my favorite childhood authors! I discovered her books when I was in middle school, and I loved reading them over and over again. Her historical fiction books swept me away on adventures to foreign lands and earlier times. (Searching for Shona is a book I still vividly remember today.)"...Read more of Sarah Blake Johnson's interview...


My eBooks are available for the Amazon Kindle and the Barns & the Noble Nook In addition they can be purchased through the Apple Store for iPad, the Sony Reader Store, Kobo, Copia, Gardners, Baker & Taylor, and eBookPie.


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