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Welcome to the Gray Castle Web Site

After a hiatus of several years, the Gray Castle Cattery is back on-line. The site is still under construction so much of the content and functionality is missing; however, please feel free to visit the old site for pictures from the early years of my cattery while content is being added here. Gray Castle Old Web Site

Temporary Construction Sign Last revised: May 14, 2012

Note: Be sure to refresh new pages on your browser to ensure that you are seeing the latest edition of the page.

Note on the construction banners: These banners will be on pages that are incomplete with content remaining to be added. On these pages, content above the banners will be fairly complete and in a maintenance mode.

The News > Web Site News page is functional and lists recent enhancements to the website. There are cats and kittens currently available and some initial information is available from the sidebar menu (Placement Info > ...). More information and photos are forthcoming, in the meantime please send us an email to request additional information on available cats or kittens.

Most recent additions and enhancements (most recent at top):