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Cattery Flyer for May 2012

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Gray Castle Somalis
Kitten Placement Status – May 2012
 (see Cattery Placement Policy on reverse side)
Thank you for your interest in a Somali kitten from our cattery.  The placement policy for our cattery is included on the back.  Please look over the policies and let us know if you have any questions.  My new kitten prices normally range from $250 to $850 depending mostly on demand and availability.  Kittens are generally available at 4 months old and there are a number of items included with the kittens; most notably the spay or neuter operation, a microchip ID and a $50 rebate on the initial vet exam with your vet.  The inclusions may vary a bit for adult cats or special placements (please see my placement policies on the back).  If you would like to pursue your interest in one of our currently available Somalis or would like to reserve a future kitten please send an inquiry via email to  Please include your name, location, and any specific requirements (age, color, sex) for your desired kitten.  A $50 (fully refundable) deposit is required to reserve a placement on my waiting list.

Kitten availability:

Razzle, Dazzle and Mango.  I have three red kittens born in mid-September that are currently available.  The two boys (Razzle and Dazzle) are very nice, healthy playful guys available for $200.  The girl in the litter (Mango) has had some early health issues that have since resolved.  She is available for $100 pending spay.
I currently have no ruddy kittens available, but I have six kittens (4 ruddies and 2 reds) from recent litters ranging in age from 3 to 10 weeks which may be available in mid to late summer.

Current available adult Somalis:

Willow (Gray Castle Hot Tamale); Red female – born 5/21/2000.  Very affectionate retired breeder  $*
Peanut (Gray Castle Maid of the Mist); Ruddy female – born 9/28/2002.  $*
Maxie (Mittsnpaws Maxscene of Gray Castle): Red female – born 9/3/2003.  Retired breeder. $*
Mikie (Gray Castle Mikaela); Red female – born 2/04/2005.  Very affectionate retired breeder  $*
     $*: Willow, Peanut, Maxie and Mikie are available at no charge other than covering delivery and placement costs and they come with up to $200 of reimbursed veterinary care included (see back page).
Cassie – born 1/31/2008 (4 years old).  This ruddy girl has some special placement considerations due to a severe eye infection when she was a couple weeks old.  She recovered with normal eyesight but has some scarring of the cornea.  She is none the less a lovely, affectionate girl.  Additional details on request.  No charge to right home.
1 ruddy boys (Rikki), and 1 ruddy girl (Nikki)  – from litters born Fall ‘08 (3½  years old).  These young adults are priced at $50.
Mark and Karen Rowe                                                         

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Gray Castle Cattery Placement Policy:

(see cat/kitten availability on reverse side)


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