The Oregon Assembly for Black Affairs (OABA) is a statewide organization committed to improving the status of Blacks in Oregon. It was founded on April 9, 1977. It is nonprofit and nonpartisan, but political. Its purpose is to improve the political, educational, social, legal, and economic status of Blacks in Oregon. It uses a political methodology in achieving its purpose.

OABA is a membership organization. Membership in OABA is open to any person who is in accordance with the policies and principles of the Oregon Assembly for Black Affairs.

Since its establishment in 1977, OABA has been in the forefront of political changes for Blacks in Oregon. It places its emphasis on building a better Oregon for the Black Community. By so doing this, it improves the lots of all Oregonians.

The Oregon Assembly for Black Affairs recognizes that indigenous leadership is essential to the development and enhancement of the Black Community. Black leadership should not be afraid to identify with the Black Community. It supports leadership that is accountable, responsive, and productive. This indigenous leadership must be willing to communicate, cooperate, and coordinate with others in defining and presenting the needs and aspirations of the Black Community.

Through its activity and recognition programs, OABA supports the development of indigenous leadership that is being accountable, responsive, and productive.

OABA feels that Blacks must be a changing force in Oregon politics. Blacks must understand, participate in, and affect the political processes at all levels. Political access to officials who affect these processes is essential to the Black Community's development and growth.

Even though past established patterns of political discrimination have made it difficult for Blacks to be politically involved, OABA believes that, today, different strategies must be used. It is essential that Blacks take responsibility for their own political development and understand their own identity. They must work with Oregon political parties as well as other groups to ensure that the political aspirations of the Black Community are met. Blacks must understand that elected officials do represent Black citizens, and Blacks must hold ALL elected officials accountable for the quality of their representation of the interests of the Black Community. OABA works to organize Blacks to provide leadership not only for the Black Oregonians but for all Oregonians.

Information about the Oregon Assembly for Black Affairs (OABA) may be obtained by writing to:

OABA Secretary
P.O. Box 12485
Salem, Oregon 97339