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Obsidian Cliff, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming -
one of the United States' premier prehistoric sources of obsidian.

Welcome to the International Association for Obsidian Studies (IAOS) home page. From here, you can find out about the IAOS and explore technical information related to obsidian characterization ("sourcing") studies and obsidian hydration dating methods.

IAOS BULLETIN 59 (SUMMER 2018) IS OUT: All issues of the IAOS Bulletin are available for downloading as searchable Adobe Acrobat documents. Point, click, and print to complete your library. And don't forget that a cumulative and searchable PDF is also available in the Member's Lounge.

THE IAOS PDF LIBRARY: We're assembling an ever-expanding collection of obsidian-related full-text articles, reports, monographs, papers, theses, and dissertations, all in searchable Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. If you have PDF's that you'd like to contribute to the new PDF library, we would very much like to hear from you! To add a reference to the library, simply send an email to, write "IAOS LIBRARY" in the subject line of the email, and attach the PDF's that you'd like to contribute. Last addition: 10/01/2018.

IAOS SOURCE CATALOG REVIEWERS ARE NEEDED: While we continue to maintain the IAOS World Obsidian Source Catalog, our knowledge of obsidian sources outside of the United States and Canada is sometimes incomplete or inaccurate. We would like to invite any regional obsidian source specialists to have a look at the Source Catalog and get back to us (see the email address above) if you spot any problems. We'll be happy to acknowledge your participation and we'd like to thank Dr. Maria Victoria Fernandez for her help in sorting out sources in Patagonia (Argentina and Chile), South America.

IAOS-SPONSORED SYMPOSIUM AT 2019 ANNUAL SAA MEETING: A IAOS-sponsored symposium - An Advancement of Obsidian Studies in the Old and New Worlds - will be held at the 2019 Society for American Archaeology (SAA) Annual Meeting in Alburquerque on April 10-14. For a brief desctipion of the symposium, click HERE.

PQEMIG SESSION AT 2019 SAA MEETING: The Prehistoric Quarries and Early Mines Interest Group (PQEMIG) is organizing a lightning round session for the SAA 2019 Annual Meeting entitled "Managing Quarried Landscapes - Developing Preservation Priorities and Best Practices". For additional information, click HERE.

IOC 2019 IS COMING: Here's an event to get on your calendar early - click HERE for a PDF of information regarding the 2019 International Obsidian Conference that will be held in Hungary between May 27-29, 2019. For more details, see the conference website.

TWENTY-FIVE YEARS ON THE CUTTING EDGE OF OBSIDIAN STUDIES: Edited by Carolyn Dillian, this volume of selected readings from the IAOS Bulletin is available for online ordering at $10 per copy (plus postage). Click HERE for a sample and all the details on how to instantly order your copy. For a review (PDF) of the book, click HERE.

TAKE CARE OF YOUR MEMBERSHIP DUES ONLINE: We have a membership payment option that is run through PayPal. Click HERE for the details.

IAOS EXTRAS: Be sure to have a look at the IAOS Extras page for some obsidian-related tools and resources that fall into their own unique category. These include several obsidian hydration-related tools and documents put together by Sandy Rogers and, most recently, a spreadsheet listing of obsidian references assembled by Chris Lloyd.


Last Updated: 11/01/2018
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