Fine Fiber Press & Studio

Publishing Books on Tapestry Weaving, Felt Making and Related Fiber Arts Since 1999.
Source for tapestry, felting and needlefelting supplies.
Classes in tapestry, feltmaking and related fiber arts; taught by Kathe Todd-Hooker, Pat Spark and invited teachers.
Wholesale prices available for vendors and bulk orders.



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ATTENTION: Occasionally we have books with slightly damaged covers which we sell at a discount price through our Etsy site.


FFP Books
1 book               no discount
2-4 books         10% discount  
5-9 books         20% discount
10-19 books     30% discount
20-49 books     40% discount
50-99 books     50% discount
100+ books       60% discount

Other Books Sold by FFP
1-4 books         no discount
5-9 books         10% discount
10+                    20% discount
These books are not included in the wholesale combinations of books published and distributed by FFP.

Rare and Hard-To-Find Books
no discount

Other Printed Items
See product for wholesale prices

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Fine Fiber Press & Studio
Pat Spark and Kathe Todd-Hooker
604 1st Ave. E.
Albany, Oregon  97321-2744 USA
Phone 1-541-917-3251 NOTE: We are on the West Coast.  DO NOT CALL BEFORE 9:00 PACIFIC STANDARD TIME!!!    Our business phone is also Kathe's home phone, and her husband really hates being woken up early!!!!!
E-mail:  Fine Fiber Information (For questions or information from Fine Fiber Press)
Fine Fiber Orders (To order from Fine Fiber Press)

1st full weekend of each month, open as part of
Oregon Crafted, Saturday and Sunday 12:00-6:00
By appointment, call 1-541-917-3251

Prices as of April 2008
Page updated: 09/07/2010
Prices subject to change without notice.

Fine Fiber Press & Studio
604 First Ave. East

Albany, Oregon 97321-2744


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