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Errata for Fine Fiber Press Books

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Our apologies.  It seems that no matter how hard a person tries, some problems occur with each book.  So we have included the errata for Fine Fiber Press Books on this page. Thank you.

So Warped, Warping a Loom for Weaving Tapestry
by Kathe Todd-Hooker, with Pat Spark

The address for Schacht, the makers of the Cranbrook Loom, was inadvertently left off the supplier's page.

Supplier's List
Schacht Spindle Company, Inc.

6101 Ben Place
Boulder, CO 80301

Shaped Tapestry
by Kathe Todd-Hooker

      ISBN 0-9753698-0-6
      P 14 and 16 item A - a tiny, superscript circle is used beside the word 'inch' .  This circle should be 1/2.
P 24 item B - a vertically curved line is beside 'of an inch'. This symbol should be 3/4th.
      P 44 in the bottom caption -  replace words: photo example at right, with photo example at left.
P 64 Twentieth line from the top - a tiny, superscript circle beside the ".  This circle should be 1/2.


Watercolor Felt Workbook, 1st Edition
by Patricia Spark

I have added 4 new pages to the new edition of the book (see below).  You can download and print out these pages for yourself to add to the 1st edition of the book so you don't need to buy the second one to get them. Link here.



Watercolor Felt Workbook, 2nd Edition
by Patricia Spark

P. 51 bottom of page, right column should read:  
6. The next layer goes in the opposite direction. I am still using two fingers to get the density. I donít begin ........
P. 53 - a tiny, superscript circle is used in place of the term 1/2.  The corrected versions are:
List of Materials
Citric Acid - 1 1/2 tablespoons per quart of water. (Or white vinegar, 1/2 cup per quart.) .........
4. .........Use about 1/2 tsp of a color such as yellow or grey.

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