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Publications on Feltmaking published by Fine Fiber Press
Making Faces by Pat Spark
Watercolor Felt Workbook 2nd Edition by Pat Spark (1st Edition is Out of Print)
American English Translations of the Danish Felting Books by Birgitte Krag Hansen

Publications on Feltmaking - Not published by Fine Fiber Press
Felted Vests, A Step by Step Guide by Phyllis Hoffman
Needle Felting, Art Techniques and Projects by Anne Einset Vickrey (with Patricia Spark and Linda VanAlstyne)

Rare and Hard to Find Books on Feltmaking

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ATTENTION: Occasionally we have books with slightly damaged covers which we sell at a discount price through our Etsy site.

Making Faces, Using Wet and Dry Felting Methods
by Patricia Spark

In this book, Pat Spark shows how to use the felting needle and traditional wet methods of felting to create faces.  By combining the sculptural possibilities of the felting needle with conventional felting, you can add faces to any of your favorite felt forms.  Don't you want a smiling vase or a winking pair of boots!
       For those of you interested in general needle felting information, this book has sections on the following: choosing needles, instructions on the five different strokes commonly used, a needle size chart, general information on using needles, materials for needlefelting, and sculpting with the needles.  If you are interested primarily in wet felting, the book goes into two methods of making dimensional shapes: making a solid-core felt form and making a hollow cored felt form. 
        Included in the book are instructions for specific sculptural projects (star, moon, and sun sculptures with faces), as well as general instructions for making 3-dimensional forms with applied faces.

(64 pages of text, black/white drawings and photos. Spiral bound so that it lies flat for quick reference when you're creating your sculpture.) Cost: $18.00 plus shipping and handling. ($3.67 inside USA and Canada. $8.50 outside North America.)   ISBN 0-9753698-1-4

Watercolor Felt Workbook
A Guide to Making Pictorial Felts Using Wet and Dry Felting Methods
2nd Edition
Patricia "Pat" Spark

This workbook is intended to help you learn the technique developed by Pat Spark, called "Watercolor Felt". Ms. Spark calls her method by this name because she uses concepts from painting, and applies those concepts to feltmaking. The result is felts that are visually similar to watercolors, but which are totally made of dyed fiber. There is no actual painting involved, unless you consider the placement of each individual colored fiber as "painting" with the fiber. The process involves the use of both the traditional, wet felting method and needle felting, also known as the dry felting method. Following Ms. Sparkís instructions with these two felting methods, you will be able to create your own pictorial felts. Donít know how to draw? Donít worry; Ms. Spark has included methods for working from photographs to create your images.
       The workbook is divided into two sections. Section One describes basic felting information. Section Two is a series of samplers that will take you step by step through the various needle felting and wet felting methods you will need for doing the process. The samplers are sequential, with each one building upon the techniques of the last so that you will methodically gain the expertise needed to make the pictorial felts.  The second edition includes extra pages with text and pictures for teaching Pat's method of making a multicolored pre-felt background. In addition, this new edition has a color cover. (If you have the first editions of the book and want these new pages, you can download them
here. )

(62 pages of text, black/white drawings and photos, including 4 pages of color photos. Spiral bound so that it lies flat for quick reference when you're working.) Cost: $29.00 plus shipping and handling.  NOTE: the book has gone up in price because of the added pages.  ISBN 978-0-9753698-8-3

There is a kit that has everything needed (except the water) for completing the samplers in the workbook. See Miscellaneous Felting Products.


  Watercolor Workbook, 1st Edition.  OUT OF PRINT ISBN 0-9753698-4-9


Felted Vests a Step-By-Step Guide 
by Phyllis Hoffman 


We felt vest bookare now carrying the wonderful book on making felt vests.  In this book, Phyllis shows how to make felt vest by three different methods: 1. cut from flat pieces of yardage 2. making separate template pieces and sewing them toether after thaey have been felted down to the correct size 3. making the vest around a resist without sewn seams.  But more importantly, she shows how to measure your own body to make the vest pattern fit you specifically and then to enlarge the pattern easily to accout for the shrinkage when making felt. 

Cost: US funds $65.00 plus shipping and handling ($5.00 inside USA, $12.00 outside USA)

Needle Felting, Art Techniques and Projects
by Anne Einset Vickrey with Patricia Spark and Linda VanAlstyne

This is a wonderful book with information on using felting needles to make both flat  wall pieces and sculpture.  The instructions are easy enough for the beginner but will also give experienced needle-felters some new information. 

Cost: US funds $16.95 plus shipping and handling ($3.00 inside USA and Canada, $8.00 outside USA)

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American English Translation Booklet of Filt i Form
(Danish felting book by Birgitte Krag-Hansen)

This booklet is the English translation of the wonderful felt sculpture book by Birgitte Krag-Hansen.  While the pictures and diagrams in Birgitte's book are terrific, many people found the Danish text impossible to understand.  NOTE: This little booklet is meant to accompany the Danish book and is a translation of the Danish text only.  (See photo of her book at left.) The Danish book is unfortunately out-of-print, but you may be able to find a used copy.   Translated by Pat Spark.

Cost: US Funds $6.00 plus shipping and handling ($1.67 inside USA and Canada, $5.00 outside USA) (No wholesale.)

American English Translation Booklet of Skulpturel Filtning
(Danish felting book by Birgitte Krag-Hansen)

Birgitteís second felting book expands upon her sculptural felting techniques. She has many new ideas and methods in this book. NOTE: The translation is the text only and is meant to accompany her Danish book. (See photo of her book at left.)  The Danish book is unfortunately out-of-print, but you may be able to find a used copy.  Translated by Pat Spark.

RARE AND HARD TO FIND BOOKSCost: US Funds $10.00 plus shipping and handling ($3.00 inside USA and Canada, $6.00 outside USA)   
(We have new copies of this translation now available.)  (No wholesale.)

(Shipping and handling for both translations, US $3.50 inside USA and Canada, $8.50 outside USA)
We sometimes have rare feltmaking and other books.  Please contact us for information.  These books cannot be discounted.

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Fundamentals of Feltmaking, Enlarged Edition by Patricia Spark

A book for anyone interested in the basic aspects of feltmaking: choosing the right fibers for the job, preparing the fiber, testing the fiber for shrinkage, making flat sheets of felt, making three-dimensional felts, applying motifs to the felt and finishing the felt piece. The enlarged edition includes new methods of making flat sheets of felt, methods for making exotic papers for use as inlay materials in felt and an enlarged source list and bibliography.

Cost: US Funds $40.00 plus shipping ($4.00 inside USA and Canada)

               OUT OF PRINT , No Longer Available from Fine Fiber Press

Scandinavian-Style Feltmaking A Three-Dimensional Approach to Hats, Boots, Mittens and
Other Useful Objects
by Patricia Spark

Are you interested in making your own felt hats, boots, or other items? Do you want to know how to make patterns for felt objects that will fit the individual members of your family? Do you want finishing tips, hints, and other tricks of the trade from a person who has been making felt objects for the last 30 years? How about an extensive bibliography and sources list; are you interested? Do you have a curiosity about traditional Scandinavian handicrafts? This book by Patricia Spark covers all of the above, plus more! Order your own copy today and see for yourself.

Cost: US Funds $28.00 plus shipping and handling ($3.00 for one book, $4.50 for two books inside USA and Canada)

                     OUT OF PRINT , No Longer Available from Fine Fiber Press


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