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Tapestry Equipment
   Tapestry Grid Tablets
   Thread Snips


Clover Felting Needle Tool.  This is a great tool for needle felting.  It comes with 5 (size 40) needles.  The tool contains a spring action that makes the up and down movements very easy and keeps my arm from fatiguing.  It also has a cover that protects the user.  In order for the cover to protect the needles, you must use relatively short needles. But I still use my longer needles in the tool, as I like the spring action, even if the needles stick out 1/4 inch or so.  I use this needle holder with the foam pads that we sell and it works quite well. (Pat Spark) $16.50 plus shipping and handling. (10% discount on 5 or more tools.)


(Clover Felting Needle Tool at left.)







Needle Felting Foam Pads. Made from super-dense foam rubber, long lasting.  This is the charcoal gray foam used for packaging electronic equipment. It works wonderfully as a needle-felting work surface. (Size: 9" X 12" X 1 1/2") It's a good carry around size.  $6.00  plus shipping and handling (wholesale 20 or more, $3.00 each).

Purse-Sized Needle Felting Foam Pads. Like those above, but smaller size. (4” x 6” x 1 1/2") $2.00 plus s/h Wholesale: 20 +, unit price is $1.00.

FeltCrafts Six-Needle Tool.  This is the tool designed by Don Evans for FeltCrafts (Anne Vickrey). It is hand tooled aluminum and holds six felting needles. Easy to fill with needles, comes with six needles of your choice (see needles). $24.95 each plus shipping. (no wholesale)

 FeltCrafts Double Needle Tool (left) Six Needle Tool (right)

FeltCrafts Double Needle Tool. This is the tool designed by Don Evans for FeltCrafts (Anne Vickrey) A favorite tool of Pat Spark (who likes to use two needles at a time in most cases). It is hand tooled aluminum and holds two felting needles. It has a drilled whole and chain so that it can be hung from your working area for easy reach. Easy to fill with needles, comes with two needles of your choice (see needles). $12.95 each plus shipping. (no wholesale)






Felting Net. Used for covering wool to protect images during the felting process. 48 inches wide. $6 per yard plus shipping and handling.  (no wholesale) 

Left: Savon De Marseille - French Olive Oil Soap

Felting Soap.  Remember those lovely, delicately shaped, colored and scented bars of French Soap that you have seen in specialty Bath and Beauty shops?  Well this isn’t that soap!!!! In fact, Kathe likes to call it the “Ugly” soap.  But, don’t let the looks deceive you.  The soap is wonderful for felting since it dissolves well into many different types of water, from the hardest to the softest.  It is also incredibly gentle and moisturizes your skin as you use it.  On an historical note: these big, rustic blocks of pure olive oil soap have been made since the 13th century in the city of Marseille, France and are known for their purity.  Marseille Soap is totally biodegradable, requires little packaging and its manufacture is environmentally friendly. Authentic Marseille Soap is stamped with its weight in grams - a practice left over from years ago which allowed households to compare prices and plan their inventories.  The fine white powder on the surface of the soap is a bit of sea salt, which will disappear once the soap is wet. This beloved characteristic affirms the authenticity of genuine Savon de Marseille.  When we buy the fresh Marseille Soap, it is very moist.  We allow it to dry and harden so that it will last longer. The soap is handmade and irregular in size. We trim off the bumpy edges so that it will fit nicely into its box for shipping.  Savon de Marseille-400 gram blocks (approximate weight) $8 per bar plus shipping. (no wholesale)


Template Foam. A thin, flexible foam that is great for make templates for 3-D felting. For those of you who took Judit Pocs' class last summer at the Midwest Felting Symposium, this is the template material we used. $3 per square yard plus shipping and handling.  (no wholesale) 

Watercolor Felt Workbook Kit. (see Workbook) Retail $80 plus s & h. Includes everything needed for the workbook except the soap and water. Pre-felts (white backgrounds and some small colored pieces for design elements); felting needles; hand dyed, moth-proofed merino top; commercially dyed merino top; white merino top (prepared for needle felting); felting net; foam pad; skewers; and decoration yarns. (no wholesale)   If you get the book as well, the cost is $100.  The book is normally $29 so this is a saving of $9!

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 Awls. Used by tapestry weavers for moving warp threads, and other processes that require a strong but pointed object.  These come with cork protection.  After you get it, rub the point a bit on cement or a brick to make it less sharp so that it won't penetrate your warp or weft threads.  US$6.00 each plus shipping. (no wholesale)







“Kathe’s Special Beater”. Kathe has found a great beater for tapestry: a fork with weighted washers! She is having these manufactured locally. Let us know the warp sett you require so we can better fit the beater to your needs. Cost: US funds $6.00 plus s/h. (no wholesale at this time)

Picklet Bobbin. Combination awl and bobbin designed by Kathe Todd-Hooker.  Many people find it a handy tool to use as a non breakable pick. Made of hand tooled aluminum, with a drilled hole so it can hang from the loom with a cord.  Two sizes available: 3.5 inches long and 4.5 inches long.  US $12 each plus shipping. (no wholesale)

 Left: Long and short picklets shown beside one of our locally made Swedish-style bobbins.   







Locally Made (Swedish-style) Bobbins.  Wooden tapestry bobbins from a woodworker in Oregon.  These are well-made and will not break easily like the ones we were carrying from Sweden. Kathe has found that these bobbins are easier to get through small sheds and work wonderfully for both small and large format work.  Retail: $5 each plus shipping and handling. Wholesale:  $3.00 each for 20 or more plus s/h.

Left: Swedish-style bobbins.



Left: American-made Brassy Bobs.

American-made Brassy Bobs. Wooden bobbins with brass on the tips so they can be used as awls as well as bobbins. Made of Southeast Dogwood.  Two sizes: Five inch (US $15) and seven inch (US $16).  Plus shipping/handling. (no wholesale)





Left: Aubusson-style Bobbins.

Aubusson-style Bobbins (Bones).  These American made bobbins are used by people weaving tapestry on horizontal warps.  Retail: $5 each plus shipping and handling. Wholesale:  $3.00 each for 20 or more plus s/h.



Tapestry Grid Tablets
30 pages, 15 large and 15 small sett grid; place for notes on the back side. Great for diagramming weft faced plain weave patterns, figuring out hachures and hatches, etc. Teachers, these are a good tool for teaching pick and pick and other weft faced patterning. Cost: US funds $8.00 (Shipping and Handling:$3.67 inside USA and Canada, $8.50 outside North America)  Wholesale: Purchase more than 19, unit price is $5.00.

 Left:   Thread Snips

Special Thread Snips
These snips have 1.25 inch blades and fit snuggly in the hand for greater control when cutting threads near a tapestry.  They are very sharp, but because they handle so well you have less danger of cutting a warp or some vital part of the textile. The internal spring opens them once you cut. Works just like a small pair of spring-loaded scissors.  All steel.  Cost: US funds $7.00 (Shipping and Handling:$3.67 inside USA and Canada, $8.50 outside North America)  (no wholesale)

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Payment: We do not have online payment at this time.  But you can pay through PayPal to the account:  Please mail, email or call with questions and/or orders. We will contact you back with your total amount plus shipping/handling so that you can pay for the order.

Fine Fiber Press accepts PayPal, money orders, Visa, MasterCard on first orders. Checks OK after credit has been established. Terms: 30 day net Allow 4-5 weeks for delivery inside North America, add another week for outside North America.

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