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7-12-2-13 New Felt Vest Book by Phyllis Hoffman
We are carrying the new book on making felt vests by Phyllis Hoffman.  "Felted Vests: A Step by Step Guide."  She shows how to make felt vests by three different methods: 1. cut from flat pieces of yardage 2. making separate template pieces and sewing them together after they have been felted down 3. making the vest around a resist without seams.  But more importantly, she shows how to measure your own body to make the vest pattern fit you specifically and then how to enlarge the pattern easily to account for the shrinkage when making felt.
Go to: FineFiberBooks_Feltmaking

7-12-2-13 New Bulb Water Sprinklers for Feltmaking (Ballbrausers)
 We now have these wonderful water sprinklers. Go to: Fine Fiber Press Felting Equipment

1-9-2011 Announcing Two New Tapestry Bobbins from Fine Fiber Press:

People asked for smaller bobbins and we were able to find a local craftsperson to make them for us.  The "Petite" is about 3.5 inches long.  It is similar to our Swedish-style bobbins, but smaller.  Great for adults with small hands, or children.  The "Fairy" bobbin is about 3.75 inches long.  It is similar to our English-style bobbins, with a large bulb.  However, it is much lighter in weight because of it's shorter size.  The largish bulb and the light weight makes it great for people with arthritic hands. For photos of these bobbins and prices, go to: Fine Fiber Press Miscellaneous Tapestry Equipment

10-15-2010  Fine Fiber Press is now a vendor for Mirrix Looms.  Since this is one of Kathe's favorite looms for weaving tapestry, we have decided to add this loom to our list of products. For more information click here.

5-30-2010  Announcing

So Warped, Warping a Loom for Weaving Tapestry

by Kathe Todd-Hooker and Pat Spark

So Warped Cover

Our latest book is now available. More information is available here. The price is $35.00 plus $5.00 s/h.  There are discount quantity prices available for vendors.  Order from Fine Fiber Press and Studio, 604 1st Avenue East; Albany, Oregon 97321 USA   phone 1-541-917-3251  email:   ISBN 9780-9753698-6-9


5-28-08    We now have a blog where we put the latest happenings from Fine Fiber Press.  Please go to



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