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PRINTED AND EMBROIDERED LABELS DIY LABELS.                                 

April 28, 2014 Ann McElroy asks: I wondered were everyone get their labels for scarves, hats and clothing? Do you use embroidered or printed labels? How about fibre content labels that you can add the amounts to by hand. I know this was discused before but I didn't need any then so didn't pay much attention.

* Siki - April 28, 2014.   Hi Ann, I was the one who initiated the question recently. I'm still in the middle of doing it (a logo needed making etc.) but there are tons on etsy.This is so different from the past when you had to order at least 1000. I'm going for a fold over soft label with heat cut ends so they won't fray when I tack them on. Here is one example:
* Vicki - April 28, 2014.  I have gotten labels from this Etsy shop in France. The woman who prints them does a beautiful job and I think they are very affordable given the quality. Mine have logo/website and "Hand dyed and felted by Vicki Bennett" on the front and care instructions on the back. I have to fold them to get the front and back and then simply stitch the edges on to the piece. I highly recommend her labels. Fast/inexpensive shipping, too.
* Piroska- April, 28, 2014.  I got mine from them:
Details: Woven Labels - Damask Heat Cut Border 1/5" x 1".  1 thread color (you can go up to 5 colors for the same price) Min. order is 100.  I paid $165 with shipping.

February 27, 2013 Charlotte Moore asks:  It's time to grow up and get labels. Can anyone suggest really good companies that do labels? I'm looking for paper ones that you hang on with pins as well as embroidered ones that can be sewn on things like nuno scarves, etc. I am particularly interested in places that let you design your own.

*Flo- Feb. 27, 2013.  I got embroidered ones from           They have different sizes and lettering styles to choose from.
*Andrea - Feb. 27, 2013.  I ordered my embroidered labels from a Canadian company (Laven Labels). I am sure you will want to find someone in the US, but they are great, family owned and might negotiate on price.  To get an idea on price, initially they did a small run for me for a great deal (250, I think?) but the following run was 500 labels minimum at $1 per label. A fairly big cheque to write, but I am not retiring anytime soon ;o). The stamped labels are much cheaper but, in my opinion do not look as high end and really, per item you are adding only $1 wholesale cost per item...on a $250 scarf.
        As far as the printed hang tags, I have my local printer do them half a business card size with space at the top to punch a hole. I want them neat, so I have them cut and punch them for me. In both cases, I designed it and sent them the same file. Next time, I might see what I can do on Vista Print. They are cheap, excellent quality and super easy to order on-line. I think my local printer is a bit high for the business cards and maybe I can punch my own holes! You can also do a folded tag so you can have cleaning instructions, etc. I have also seen people use "Moo" mini cards as tags (google them if you do not know them!). Not really answers for you as far as "where", but a start with some info! Good luck. If you find a great source for embroidered labels, please share.
*Val- Feb. 27, 2013.  I have hangs tags that have the care on them and I write the fiber content, especially important if a wearable.
*Pat- Feb. 27, 2013. You can usually buy size, care and content labels on their own, for a pretty good price.  I haven't gotten them in a while.  When I did get them, they were from Northwest Tag & Label  These are printed, not woven.  But the ones I got years ago were nice quality.

April  20, 2008 Terrie Wynne asks: In situations where you are required to have your work signed, how do you do this?  I'm in an art show for the first time, and they require this. Anybody got any ideas?  I'm selling vessels and scarves.   ----------Where do you get the labels?  I think I'll need to do that for the scarves at the very least. Do you simply put your name on them or include care insructions also?  Thanks so much for your help!

*Andrea- April 20, 2008. For my scarves, I had woven labels made. They were expensive in small quantites but the finished look really adds to the scarf. I also had hang tags made exactly the same colour and font that are the size of half a business card with a hole punched that I pin on. For vessels you could stitch the labels on the bottom or the inside edge far enough down so it doesn't interfer with the vessel visually. For my wall pieces, I use an acid free fabric pen and sign a piece of muslin which I hand stitch on the back corner using a whip stitch. (edges folded under-nice and neat). I am interested to know what others do...
Andrea- April 21, 2008.  I found a couple of sites and sent them by email a file showing the font and exactly what I wanted the lables to say and I had 2 companies give me quotes. I had one in the U.S. that was lower than the one in Canada, but opted for the Canadian to support a Canadian business.  Once I sent the file for the quote I had my labels in a week from the Canadian company They are high quality and they gave excellent customers service and they almost matched the U.S. price. The U.S. supplier was at 100 labels were $120 + a $30 one time set up fee. Good luck!
April 21, 2008.
I got these sources from a few friends : and
*Una- April 21, 2008. I've used Namemaker to have simple labels made. They did take the full 6 weeks that they said they would take. They have a good selection of care labels, I'm not sure how 'custom' they make, as far as font, but their quality was very good.
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February 27, 2013 Charlotte Moore asks:  It's time to grow up and get labels. Can anyone suggest really good companies that do labels? I'm looking for paper ones that you hang on with pins as well as embroidered ones that can be sewn on things like nuno scarves, etc. I am particularly interested in places that let you design your own.

* Becky- Feb. 27, 2013. Hi Charlotte, I know this is not what you're looking for, but I liked this tutorial for making your own fabric labels.    As a procrastinator, I always find myself needing labels in a hurry, no time to order them, plus I need small batches to match particular products.  I do mine on silk ribbon and then stitch on either flat or folded in half. I have a signature label and care and content labels.  They look nice after dyeing too. 
          I do graphic design, so I make my own paper hang tags too. I perforate them with one of those little round sewing wheel things (for marking patterns). The shop takes one half for their sales records and the customer gets the other half with my contact info and any care and content info.

Sept. 14, 2009  Laura asks:  I was wondering if anyone here knows of a source for metal or plastic tags for clothing.  I do make my own iron-on silk tags which work quite well (if anyone is interested, I'll post a tutorial),  but recently came across some scarves with a small metal rivet as a tag.  It was lightweight and would not weigh down a nuno scarf.  I also LOVED the fact that it was a rivet: I do iron-on tags because I don't enjoy sewing on my tags (too lazy!)  
It looked almost like a pin or jewelry and was completely unobtrusive (that's my complaint about most tags--they can ruin the design and personally, I take the tags off my purchased scarves)  I've done a bit of searching and have only found a few places--all of which cater to the industry and are quite expensive--I don't need 5000 tags!   Thanks in advance for your insights

*Carol- Sept. 14, 2009.  Hi Laura..  my daughter has been making "steam-punk" jewelry...  weird,  but interesting..  uses little gears, keys, kind of a back to the future dimension...  she uses those little small metals rivets sometimes...  in colors and gets them from Michaels' Stores...  I am sure other places have them.  They have cute little frame type things that are very light as well... 
*Laura- Sept. 14, 2009.  Thanks,  I have looked at these at the craft stores (they're usually in the scrapbook area) and am trying to figure out how to put my logo on them.  Perhaps with a die stamp like what is used to stamp metal jewelry tags? I've also thought of stamping my logo on ultrasuede for iron-on labels.  The advantage would be being able to color-coordinate the ultrasuede with the scarves.   Has anyone tried this?
*Judith-Sept. 14, 2009. The stamped ultrasuede tag sounds like a really interesting idea, Laura. I'm not sure you can stamp into ultrasuede and have it hold the imprint because it is a synthetic, but it certainly sounds worth a try. But I have seen leather that has been stamped. Perhaps the stamp would need to be heated for ultrasuede? Maybe the heat source could be an iron?  If you try it, let us know how it turned out.

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