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Fine Fiber Press & Studio
Presents the new rolling machine for wet felting from


The FeltCrafts Rolling Machine takes the physical labor out of making felt. It can be used for all felting applications from heavy rugs to featherweight scarves and laminated felt. The machine rolls your project so you can start designing a new one! Lay out your project; wet the wool; and roll it tightly and evenly in your felting mat. The project roll is then placed on the FeltCrafts Rolling Machine. It is a must for production felt makers. It's reasonable cost makes it affordable to the felt-making hobbyist. Patent Pending. Made in the USA.

FeltCrafts is currently manufacturing all machines with variable speed control. Machines are available in roller lengths from 28 inches to 60 inches. The price depends on the size of the machine. Each machine is custom made for our customers. We ship all over the world and machines are wired for the electrical current  in the country to which they are going.

28 inch roller length = $1700 plus shipping
With each additional inch $50 is added to the price of the machine.

30 inch roller length = $1800
40 inch roller length = $2300
50 inch roller length = $2800
60 inch roller length = $3300

The machines are shipped by truck to the nearest terminal. Shipping cost depends on the delivery address and carrier. Average shipping cost is $150.
Can be ordered with casters.

Don Evans has designed and manufactured the FeltCrafts line of needle felting tools and adapters. He has designed the FeltCrafts Rolling Machine focusing on durability, safety, affordability, and making a light weight machine that is easy to move around. Don has a degree in structural engineering with over 6 years experience as a structural engineer designing and overseeing the construction of buildings and office complexes around the world. During his career he spent over 5 years designing and building high tech machinery for the ceramics industry. He has been licensed for all types of mechanical applications and operations involving electrical, plumbing and HVAC.

To Order Contact: Kathe Todd-Hooker or Pat Spark; Fine Fiber Studio; 604 SE 1st Avenue; Albany, Oregon 97321 USA 1-541-917-3251 NOTE: We are on the West Coast.  DO NOT CALL BEFORE 9:00 PACIFIC STANDARD TIME!!!    Our business phone is also Kathe's home phone, and her husband really hates being woken up early!!!!!  Fine Fiber Press


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