Pat Spark-  Watercolor Series. 1999-present.   These pieces are all made from handmade felt.

Artist's Statement: Watercolor Series. I have been making felt for over 30 years and I have been a watercolorist for about the same amount of time.  But, it's only recently that I've been combining the two.  That is, I'm taking concepts from my painting, and applying those concepts to my feltmaking. The result is the watercolor series.  Felts that are conceptually similar to watercolors, but which are totally made of dyed fiber.  There is no actual painting involved, unless you consider the placement of each individual colored fiber as "painting" with the fiber.  With these works, I create rich backgrounds and use these backgrounds to help define the foregrounds.  By themselves, the foregrounds would be flat, but by making the backgrounds visually exciting, the foregrounds are enriched.  

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