The North American Felters' Network was a newsletter which was published three to four times.   The issues ranged from 8-16 pages with approximately 5 of these pages devoted to a calendar section.

In the past issues, we've covered such topics as: The International Feltmaker's Association; The Felt Museum in Mouzon, France; Chinese Felt Rugs of the Shoso-In (the Japanese museum in Nara, Japan);. Mechanizing the Felting Process ; Finishing Techniques for Felt, Large Scale Felting, Felting Exotic Fibers, Shibori Dyeing on Felt; Felt Christmas Gifts; A Comparison of Norwegian and Swedish Hatmaking Methods, and Ethnic Felting.

ATTENTION: After the current subscriptions run out (3 issues starting with September 09), I will no longer be publishing the NAFN newsletter.  I have been doing the newsletter for 17 years and I feel it is time to go on to other pursuits in my life.  Back issues will still be available.  I am not taking any new subscriptions at this time.  However, you can order the new issues separately as PDF or printed copies sent by snail mail. 

Some of the previous issues of NAFN are still available for $4.50 ($US funds) shipping inside North America included in first five, .41 each after that. For 5 or less issues outside of North America, $2 shipping for first plus an additional .75 cents for each after that.  These moneys may be paid with check, money order, or PayPal. (PayPal to  Please include name, address, phone number, and contact email (if you have one). Pat Spark, editor; North American Felters' Network; 1032 SW Washington Street; Albany, Oregon 97321 USA  

There are some double issues which are $7.00 ($US funds) each.  The list is on the web site: 

NOTICE:  Back issue PDF files are available for US $3.50 each, no discounts apply.  Double issue PDF files are $5.00. 

There is a discount on multiple orders:
6-10 back issues 10%
11-20 back issues 20%
21- back issues 30%

Shipping not included in above discount prices.
Shipping multiple issues (6 or more) inside USA = 41 cents each.
Shipping multiple issues (6 or more) outside USA = $2.00 for first plus an additional 75 cents for each after that.

For more information about this organization see Patricia Spark's home page or contact Pat at

For other publications by Patricia Spark see Fine Fiber Press.


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updated 9/29/2009