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ISSUE 58 (September 08) Review of Feltmaking Books from Overseas; Using Felt in Illustration-featuring felt illustrated books by Jan Schubert and Tracey Kuffner; making Felted Flowers-Illustrated; Classified Ads, Calendar

ISSUE 57 (February 08) From Laminated Scarf to Custom Window Treatments II; Making Felt Fabric Without Rolling, Throwing, or Slamming; Felt and 007 (Contemporary Handweavers of Texas Conference; Bits and Pieces; Felters in the News; Classified Ads, Calendar

ISSUE 55/56  (Dec. 06 and Jan. 07) Double Issue: Felted Soap Balls, The Northeast Feltmaker’s Guild Meeting in Maine; Fertile Felt in Friesland: Baltos Kandys (The White Moths) Exhibition; Easy Crock Pot Dyeing of Silk Fabric; Bits and Pieces; Felters in the News; Classified Ads, Calendar NOTE: This issue costs more since it is a double one.  Instead of $4.50, it is $7.00.  The PDF version is $5.00.

ISSUE 54 Pat's Trip to Kyrgyzstan; Felts of Central Asia (Mosaic Carpets); Book Review: Feltmaking and Wool Magic, Contemporary Techniques and Beautiful Projects
by Jorie Johnson; Bits and Pieces; Felters in the News; Classified Ads, Calendar

ISSUE 53 Pat’s Trip to Europe; Introducing Agostina Dalla Mora Zwilling-Italian Feltmaker; From Laminate Scarf to Custom Window Treatments I; New Felting Program at Finnish School; My Anatolian Journey; Gallery Show “Feltworks” and Osman Technique Rug Class in Newport, Oregon; Book Review: Fabulous Felt Hats; Bits and Pieces; Felters in the News; Classified Ads, Calendar

ISSUE 52 (Nov. 05) The Turkish Roll; The Business Benefits of Silkscreen; Trends and How They Affect Your Business; Images from Felter's Fling; Review of the “How They Felt” exhibition; Bits and Pieces; Classified Ads, Calendar.

ISSUE 51 (May/June 05) Website: My Story; Norwegian Feltmaker’s Guild “10th Anniversary” exhibit; The One-Way Scarf - there’s just one way to make it; Ornament Exchange 2005 information; Classified Ads, Calendar.

ISSUE 50 (March 05) I Got to Go to Camp or How I Spent My Christmas Vacation; Just Poking Around, Needle Felted Animal Portraits; Valentine’s Dog Coat; “Fabulous Felt” Exhibit; Book Review: Making Faces Using Wet and Dry Felting Methods by Pat Spark; Classified Ads; Calendar.

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ISSUE 48/49 (December 04) Double issue. Hungarian Felting Festival; A Yurt Village; World Meeting of Felt; Felt the World Together; Felting in Kyrgyzstan; Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan on the Internet; Kyrgyz Shirdak; 9th Annual Ornament Exchange 2004; New Book Announcement: Making Faces; Book Review: Simply Felt-20 Easy and Elegant Design in Wool by Margaret Docherty and Jayne Emerson; Book Reviews: Needle Felting Projects Book 1 and Needle Felting Book 2 from the team at Ashford's Handicrafts; Felter's in the News; Bits and Pieces: Theresa May O'Brien and the "Sheeptacular" project,  exhibits at Denver Convergence,  New Needle Felting Internet List, Danish felting book: Funny Felting with Finesse, Linda Brooks Hirschman's exhibit, New felt vest sewing pattern by Polly Stirling, Shoe soles by Sharon Raymond, Chad Alice Hagen book announcement; 2005 International Felting Conferences; Classified Ads; Calendar. NOTE: This issue costs more since it is a double one.  Instead of $4.50, it is $7.00.  The PDF version is $5.00.

ISSUE 47 (March 04) Hungarian Exhibitions-Accepted North American Artists; Norwegian Feltmakers 10 years Anniversary 2004; Ornament Exchange 2004; Felt Greeting Cards- Making the Lacey Felt Card, -Making the Opaque Felt Card; World Symposium of Felt Art; International Felt Festival; Book Review: Felt out of the Kitchen- Perspectives in the 21st Century by Ewa Kuniczak; What is the Northeast Feltmakers Guild?; NE Feltmakers Guild Members Participate in a Felted Clogs Workshop; Classified Ads; Calendar.

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ISSUE 46 (December 03) What I Learned on My Summer Vacation in Kyrgystan; Felter's Fling 2003: Track 2-Felt Fabric and Garments; Exhibit at Royal Ontario Museum (A Felt Feeling); Exhibit Review: A Felt Feeling: From Home to Handbag; Felt Ideas from Cyberspace: Needlefelting with Kids; How to make some of the ornaments from the 2003 exchange: "Healing Lights", "Krystal Acres Alpaca"; Felters in the News; Bits and Pieces;  Classified Ads; Calendar.

ISSUE 45 (October 03) Felter's Fling 2003: Track I-Decompositions, Track 3-Shape Shifter's; Color Theory for Feltmakers, Part 2-Optical Color Blending; Ornament Exchange 2003; Felt Ideas from Cyberspace-Booth Design; Book Review: Books by Sheila Smith; Felters in the News; Bits and Pieces.  Classified Ads; Calendar.

ISSUE 44 (July 03), Get More from Your Workshop; Felt Bag Knitted from Roving (with two handle styles) (This bag was then fulled); Felt the World Together Project; Hungarian Exhibitions Information; Color Theory for Feltmakers, Part 1; “On the Map” International Feltmakers Association exhibit; Felters in the News; Bits and Pieces.  Classified Ads; Calendar.

ISSUE 43 (March 03), Designing with a Cottage Carder; Experiments with Merino Pre-felt Batts; Making an Eye Glass Case; Book Reviews “Yet More Felt in the Kitchen”; “Needle Felting; Art, Techniques and Projects”; “Feltmaking Fabulous Wearables, Jewelry and Home Accents”; “The Story of Pilinbay who invented Woolen Boots, A Folktale”; Felt Ideas from Cyberspace (Nuno Felting with Wensleydale, Fleece Grading Systems); Felters in the News; Bits and Pieces.  Classified Ads; Calendar.

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ISSUE 42 (Dec. 02) From the editor. Mailiss Peterson, Norwegian Feltmaker; Dryer Felt Scarves; Felt Ornaments: "Reach for the Stars", "Earth Mother", "Ice Sprites", "People Around the World Want Peace"; Needle Felted Hats; Photos from Convergence '02.  Classified Ads; Calendar.

ISSUE 41 (Oct. 02) From the editor.  Felting Needle Holders, product review; "A Tale About Alex-Felt and His Big Car, or How to Make Felt the American Way"; Ebb and Flow Exhibit at Convergence; Felters in the News; Bits and Pieces.  Classified Ads; Calendar.

ISSUE 40 (July 02).  From the editor. Ornament Exchange Info, Felting World’s Influence on the Doll World, Felted Spirit Dolls, Dyeing Fiber to Retain Lock Structure, Kirghiz Folk Tale, Article on Nicole Telaar, Felters in the News; Bits and Pieces.  Classified Ads; Calendar.

ISSUE 39 (Mar 02)  From the editor. Dollmakers and Felting, Thoughts on Silk Papermaking, Felting On a Rock, Living The Dream, 2; Danish Polystyrene Shoe Lasts, Experiments with the Polystyrene Lasts; Felt a Pair of Boots or Slippers at the Same Time, Chart of Fleece Amounts Needed for Boots or Slippers, Felt Ideas From Cyberspace: Starting a Felting Group, Felters in the News; Bits and Pieces.  Classified Ads; Calendar.

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ISSUE 38 (Nov 01).  From the editor.  Soap and Detergent for Felting, Revisited;  Exhibit Review: Three Artist’s Fantasies in Felt.  The Felt Wall Pieces of Sharon Kilfoyle, Leslie Samson, and Patricia Spark. June 1-28, 2001, The Grotto Gallery, Eugene, Oregon; Silk Paper Bells, Mother and Child Holiday Ornament, First You Get Crazy (Designing and Manufacturing a Hat Block), Felters in the News; Bits and Pieces. Classified Ads; Calendar.

ISSUE 37 (July 01). From the editor. Felt Ideas from Cyberspace (Working with Incarcerated Children), Living The Dream 1, Felting Needle Types, A Light Weight Scarf (Cotton Voile with Prefelt Inlays), Little Teddy Bears with the Felting Needle, BYE-BYE BABY-PLEASE COME BACK! Or Shipping Art Work and Praying for Its Return, Felters in the News; Bits and Pieces. Classified Ads; Calendar.

ISSUE 36 (April 01). From the editor. Musings from Juju: I’m a Mother, The Responsibilities of Motherhood, The Final Chapter; International Ornament Exchange ‘01; Felt Needle Holder; Review: Flat Bed Felting Machine Book; Fairy Wings; Felters in the News; Bits and Pieces. Classified Ads; Calendar.

ISSUE 35 (Feb 01). From the editor. “Goat Soap and Wool” Poem, European Felt Art Exhibit Review (two different reviews); Hints on Hat Band Material and other Musings; Wendy Weibe Exhibit: Felting, Rediscovering an Ancient Craft; Space Saving Felting Machine; Helpful Hints (protecting one’s hands from the felting needle, types of felting needles, shaving felt hats); Felters in the News; Bits and Pieces. Classified Ads; Calendar.

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ISSUE 34 (Nov 00). From the editor. A Weekend Workshop with Birgitte Krag Hansen; Virus Alert! (A Felter's Brain); Shearing by Juju; International Felt Ornament Exchange 2000 Examples w/ Directions: Sheep Bouquet; Follow Your Heart Star, Millennium Dragon, Sea Lion; Classified Ads; Calendar.

ISSUE 33 (July 00). From the editor. International Felt Festival in Bergen, Norway; An Overview of Felting Needles; Felting Travels through the Mid-west USA; Hints on Face Proportions; Ramblings by Juju; Invitation to participate in the 5th Annual International Felt Ornament Exchange; Photos of Felt from Convergence 2000, Cincinnati; Helpful Hints; Felters in the News; Bits and Pieces; Classified Ads; Calendar.

ISSUE 32 (April 00). From the editor. Needle Felter's Container; Bleatings from Juju; Students Teach the Teacher (Or One of the Reasons Why I Love Teaching, Even After 30 Years of Doing It); Felt Ideas from Cyberspace: Felting Needles and Their Uses; Felters in the News; Silk Paper Bowls; Bits and Pieces, Classified Ads; Calendar.

ISSUE 31 (Feb 00). From the editor. Cross-over Slippers; Further Adventures in Omalo (Republic of Georgia); Reviews: (Book, Felting Needles for Fiber Fanatics by Ayala Talpai; Exhibit, Three Japanese Artists Begin in the West); Simple Felting Project, Making Felt Over Wood or a Rock; Chinese Silk Felt; Michigan Fiber Fest, Felter's Conference 2000; Felters in the News; Classified Ads; Calendar.

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ISSUE 30 (Nov 99). From the editor, The Georgian Felt Seminar (Republic of Georgia); Omalo Felting Day (Making Tecka Felt Carpets and Nabadi Cloaks); Maine Fiber Festival is Full of Felt; Stomp, Rock and Roll (Group Felted Carpet at San Juan County Fair); Shõsõ-in News (Japanese Museum News); Announcement of new Japanese Felting Book by Jorie Johnson; Bits and Pieces: Upcoming Felter's Conference in Michigan, August 2,000; Felters in the News: Felted Items big hit in interior magazines this fall; Hints: Softening rough hands. Classified Ads; Calendar.

ISSUE 29 (July/Aug 99). From the editor, Fiber Sprite/Angel Ornament; International Felt Ornament Exchange; Feltair, Alfresco Felt Exhibition; At a Doll Making Workshop; Needle Felting Figures and other Three Dimensional Forms; New Felting Books Available From Fine Fiber Press, One On Felting Needles, Tentatively Published October, 1999; Spikes, Flaps, and "Dreads", Oh My!; Felters In the News; Bits and Pieces: Australian news, Report on the new Danish Felting Course, International Felting Mini-conference, Denmark Feb. 2000; Classified Ads; Calendar.

ISSUE 28 (April/May 99).. From the editor, Fine Fiber Press has two books in the works; "Double Cloqué" Technique For 3-D Seamless Felted Articles; "From Little Acorns", An Award Winning Garment in Crochet and Handmade Felt; 8 Strand Braids; Felters in the News; Bits and Pieces: California artists show in Scotland; Hints: Space dyeing roving; Felt Ideas from Cyberspace: various dyeing techniques for fleece and felt; Classified Ads; Calendar.

ISSUE 27 (Jan/Feb 99).. From the Editor; Stockholm: Encounters With Felt; Felt Traditions of the Yomut Turkmen; Mille Fleurs for Mary Burkett A Worldwide Project for Feltmakers; Review of Making a Half-Felt (Soft-Felt, Pre-Felt); Pincushions that Twist, Swirl and Shout; Felters in the News; Pits and Pieces: Explanation of Lene Nielsen's new felting school in Den-mark, Information on the International Felting Conference in the Republic of Georgia; Felt Ideas from Cyberspace: craft business help; Classified Ads; Calendar

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ISSUE 26 (Oct/Nov 98).From the Editor; Halibut ala Tractor (felting with a tractor); Taking it with you, or who says: "You Can't Take It With You?, article on Creative Journalling; Book Review, Craft Workshop Series: Fabric; Felt Ideas from Cyberspace: Felt Backpack; Wensleydale Scarf; Hungarian Heart Holiday Ornament; Felters in the News; Pits and Pieces: Upcoming classes, tours by felting teachers, Felt Web Sites; Hints (Using a texturized paint roller to aid in felting. Use a solar pool cover bubble wrap as a felting aid.) Classified Ads; Calendar

ISSUE 25 (July/August 98). From the Editor: The hats I made at the Felt Symposium in Lenzen, Germany; Flexible Felt and the Kid ' N Ewe Fest; Cotton Bubble Gauze/ Laminated Felt Scarf; Book Review: Felt Toys by Istvan Vidak and Mari Nagy; Wool Grading; Felt Ideas From Cyberspace: Candy's Critters (Using the Felting Needle); Bits and Pieces: International Felting Conference in Finland, July 1999; Felters in the News; Hints (Special Holder for Felting Needles, Repairing a Moth Hole with Felting Needles); Classified Ads; Calendar.

ISSUE 24 (March/April 98). From the Editor: Review of Book: "Strong Women Stay Young"; Making Felt Around a Ball; Experiments With Hat on a Ball; Hat On a Bucket; Kippot Wedding Hats of Israel; The Columbus Washboard Company; Felting Workshop in Prince George, BC; Felt Ideas From Cyberspace: World Wide Wool, Children's Global Wool Project; Bits and Pieces; Felters in the News; Questions (How Do I box Up My Felt Hats for Storage?) Answers to this question; Classified Ads; Calendar.

ISSUE 23 (Jan/Feb 98). Welcome Polly Stirling to North America, Trying To Teach An Old Dog New Tricks (Notes on Taking Polly Stirling's Workshop); News From Japan; Something Old, Something New (Silk Paper Parfleche); Soluble Fiber Paper for Inlay Purposes; Felt Ideas From Cyberspace: Visit Interesting Felt Web Sites, Felt in Special Ed.; Bits and Pieces, Hints: PVC lifts the table legs to a good working height; Felters in the News; Questions: (Answer to previous newsletter's question.): Classified Ads; Calendar.

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ISSUE 22 (Nov/Dec 97). Report on the West Coast Felting Extravaganza; Felt Projects with Students and Schools; Sixth-Graders Go Crazy For Yurt; Carpet Felting with Eighth Grade; Students Find Felt to Their Liking; Felt Ideas from Cyberspace (The Rural Missouri Spinners Friendship Yurt); Wil Langford and His Strange Hat-Making; Angel Ornament; FELTER'S PROFILE: Laura Harrawood, Missouri; ; Bits and Pieces; Felters in the News; Hints (foam rubber place mats used as template material); Felters in the News; Classified Ads; Calendar.

ISSUE 21 (Jul/Aug 97). Information on the new International Felt Ornament Swap; Elegant Felt; Felt Bears; Georgian Nabadi (Felt Carpets) from Tusheti; Facing The Felt a Poem; Using the Internet for Research; Felt Ideas from Cyberspace (Slipper Soles); Book Review: The Art of Feltmaking by Anne Vickrey; Bits and Pieces; Felters in the News; Hints (GFI extension cord, cold water felting, using environmental mulch for felt inlay; Questions: How do you use a beret block? Classified Ads; Calendar.

ISSUE 20 (Apr/May 97). More on the 1st "Annual" West Coast Felting Extravaganza; Vendors Wanted For Felting Extravaganza; An American In Manchester, Yarns From A Felting Conference; The Selenge Project In Mongolia (A short report on the 1996 summer courses.); Using The Journal As A Tool For Creativity; The Therapy of Feltmaking, Part 2; Felt Ideas from Cyberspace (Making a Furry Felt from Uncarded Fleece); Book Review: Textile Traditions of Central Asia by Janet Harvey; Bits and Pieces; Felters in the News; Questions (Where to study felting at graduate level in Canada?); Hints (Using Vinegar to help dry hands. ) Classified Ads; Calendar.

ISSUE 19 (Jan/Feb 97). First Annual West Coast Felting Extravaganza; Notes On A Trip To Turkey, With Mari Nagy And Istvan Vidak; Fulled (Knitted) Rope As Piping; Help Needed For Georgian Tribal Group; Felt Ideas from Cyberspace (Felt Web Sites); Dry Cracked Hands; Precision Inlay; Report on the Felt Ornament Swap; Book review: New Crafts FELT WORK by Victoria Brown; The Therapy of Feltmaking, Part 1; Bits and Pieces; Felters in the News; Hints (Dream Pouches, a Use for Felt Samples, Using Rigid Vacuum Hose as Center Core for Rolling Felt Around for Washing Machine Fulling); Questions (How do You Prepare An Evenly Drum Carded Batt for Felting?, How Many of You Are Production Felters?); Classified Ads; Calendar.

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ISSUE 18 (Oct/Nov 96). Machine Knitted Cord For Felted Rope; Thoughts On Felting And Fulling.; Common fulling methods; The pH Factor In Feltmaking; Exhibit review: Convergence 96, I felt it was time!; Taking the Pain Out of Felting; Exercises For The Feltmaker; Bits and Pieces; Felters in the News; Questions (Does Anyone Know a Source of Omega Dyes in North America?); Hints (Inexpensive Source of Bam-boo Blinds); Classified Ads; Calendar.

ISSUE 17 (Jul/Aug 96). Thoughts on Connections, A Collaborative Exhibit; Some Comments on Techniques for Making Felt Hats; Felt Patchwork Quilt; "Felted" Rope; Washing Machine Pouch; More About Pouches; Reviews Exhibit: Mongolia, The Legacy of Chinggis Khan; Rug Felting as a Public Demonstration; Felting in 4-H; Basic Felting Skills in Progressive Form; Bits and Pieces; Felters in the News; Classified Ads; Calendar.

ISSUE 16 (Apr/May 96). Georgian Felt Caps; Centralia Artist Paints with Wool; Using the Felt Test Sample as a Teaching Tool; Making the Test Sample When You're "On the Road"; Let's Have a Felting Competition!; Bits and Pieces; Felters in the News; Questions (Binding an edge with Ultrasuede) Classified Ads; Calendar

ISSUE 15 (Jan/Feb 96). Myrna Harris, Award Winning Feltmaker; Thoughts on Feltmaking by Molly Fowler; Exhibit: "Mongolia, The Legacy of Ghinggis Khan"; Feltmaking and the "Crafts" Industry; Felt Beads; Sharing Felt with the Next Generation Through 4-H; Questions; Reviews: Book, How to Make Felt by Anne Belegrave, Felt Making - The Whys and Wherefores by Sheila Smith and Freda Walker; Exhibition review: Lisa Brinkman at the Littman Gallery; Felters in the News; Bits and Pieces; Hints (Heating cooled wool without adding more water; Felting solutions and resists; More on sander felting; Pinch test for determining how felted a fleece is.) Classified Ads; Calendar

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ISSUE 14 (Oct/Nov 95). Comparison of Ancient Felt Hats; Regarding the Non-Industrial Use of Felting Needles & Their Availability; Felting at the Intermountain Weavers' Conference; Felting at the Surface Design Conference; An Invitation to Participate in an Exhibition; Promote Thy Felt, Making Felt Which Sells; Reviews: Feltmaking for Everyone, or the Fury of the Elements in the Kitchen Sink; Feltmaking Made Easy; Felters in the News; Bits and Pieces; Hints: (Double muslin template; Nylon curtain fabric for protective cover during inlay); Questions; Classified Ads; Calendar

ISSUE 13 (Jul/Aug 95). Noah's Ark...Exhibition at the Hungarian Toy Museum; 3-D Felting With a Cardboard Resist, Make a Felt Cat; Sharing the Wealth, Teaching and Demonstrating Feltmaking: A Quick Teaching Technique; Book Reviews: A 19th Century Hatmaker's Manual; The Art and Craft of Appliqué; Exhibit Reviews: Empires Beyond the Great Wall, Pat Spark and Kathe Todd-Hooker Collaborative Exhibit; Felters in the News; Bits and Pieces; Classified Ads; Calendar

ISSUE 12 (Apr/May 95). Felter's Fold...Cottage Industry Creates Hats and More from Flock and Fleece; Treasure Pouches; A Visit with Gunilla Sjoberg, Swedish Feltmaker; Feltmaking at the Augusta Heritage Center; Sharing the Wealth: Teaching and Demonstrating Feltmaking: Felt Demonstrations; Felters in the News; Bits and Pieces; NAFN News; Classified Ads; Calendar

ISSUE 11 (Jan/Feb 95). My Felting Process (Washing Machine Method); Jeanne's Shibori (Tie-Dyed) Process; More Experiments with Shibori; Happy and Healthful Felt-making Considerations; Book Review, The Art of Annemeike Mein; Bits and Pieces; Felters in the News; NAFN News; Classified Ads; Calendar

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ISSUE 10 (Oct/Nov 94). International Felt Symposium, Tilburg; Convergence '94, A Felter's Feast; My Impressions of Convergence '94; Holiday Gift Items; Kyrgyzstan and its Mosaic Carpets; The Felter's Body; Reviews: Tova, Gammal Teknik På Nytt Sätt by Gunilla Sjöberg; Feltcraft: Making Dolls, Gifts and Toys by Petra Berger; Bits and Pieces; Hints (Orvus paste used for feltmaking); Questions; NAFN information; Calendar

ISSUE 9 (Jul/Aug 94). Knitted Edge; Some of my Favorite Finishes; Seams Used in Felt Garments; Painting Dye on Felt; Fighting Felter's Block; Felt Used in 18th C. Dyeing Process; Color Blending with Fiber in Feltmaking; Bits and Pieces; Felting Hints (Ways to use a front loading washing machine for felting, Putting a zipper in felt garments, Trim for cut edges of felt hats.); Calendar

ISSUE 8 (Apr/May 94). Trims, Edgings, Bindings, Bands; Making Bias Strips; Finishing Your Felt Hats; My Favorite Knitted Edge for Felt; Joining Felt Seams; Felt Balls for Unicef; Review: Joan Livingstone Exhibit; Felters' Forum Program; Bits and Pieces; Felters in the News; Hints (Stopping the "Fuzz" Factor of Metal Washboards); Felter's Questions (Felting Mill?, Front Loading Washers for Feltmaking?); Calendar

ISSUE 7 (Jan/Feb 94). Felt Hats of Ecuador; Mosaic Felts of Central Asia; To Produce a Mosaic Felt; Gregori Derviz, Russian Artist and Collector; Raising Merinos for Felting; Bits and Pieces; Hints (Felting Tool Update; Washboards/Felting Trays); Questions/Answers (Hat Pin Source?); Calendar

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ISSUE 6 (Oct/Nov 93). Feltmaking Terminology in North America; Silk Paper - Fiber Drawing; Many Colours in One Bath; Profiles of Felters: Lynn Stracka Schuster, Renie Gross, Ellen Shepherd, Georgia Laudner; Report on Fiber Fest '93; Lynda Lowe Workshop, A Big Hit; Felters in the News; Bits and Pieces Column; Felting Hints (Felting Pattern Material, Dyeing Merino and Experimenting with Exotic Fiber); Felter's Questions (Soap Used?, Health Concerns) Calendar

ISSUE 5 (Jul/Aug 93). Larry and Beth Beede's Felting Machine; Working with a Group to do Large Pieces; Molly Fowler's Felting Machine; Layne Goldsmith's Felting Machine; Lined Felt Pockets and Other Hints; Anne Nixon, Exhibit Review; Felters in the News; Bits and Pieces Column; Felting Hints Column (Surface for Felting Table, Felting Table Update, Washing Machine Fulling); Calendar

ISSUE 4 (Apr/May 93). A Picker and Unscoured Fibres Speed Rug Making; Felting Process Adaptations; Fiber Collages; The Legacy Series; Felting Tossus (Keeping Finnish Traditions Alive in North America); Tossus (Finnish Boot Liners); A Felt Tie by Char Hill; Felters in the News; Bits and Pieces Column; Felting Hints Column (Felting Tools Update, Inlay Tools, Felting Table (1), Felting Table (2)); Questions Column; Calendar

ISSUE 3 (Jan/Feb 93). Wools I Prefer for Felting; A Felting Board was an Alternative to Factory and City Life, Norwegian Felting; Comparing Felting Styles: Norway and Sweden; Questions Column; Mesh Makes Good Pattern Material; Handfelting in Minnesota; Felting Hints Column (Mothproofing, Hat Blocks/Millinery Supplies, Inlay Tools); Book Review: The Feltmakers' Handbook by Bridget Austin; Bits and Pieces Column; Felters in the News; Making a Boot Pattern; Calendar

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ISSUE 2 (Oct/Nov 92). Felt at Convergence '92; Impressions of the Karen Page Workshop; Feltmaking Seminars at Convergence; A First Time Felter's Feelings; Post-Conference Workshop at Convergence; Convergence Exhibitions; Convergence Demonstrations; Making Silk Paper; Reflections on Felting; Mechanizing the Felting Process; Video Tape Review: From Noah to the 90's; Felting Hints Column (Flexible Felt Neck Scarves, More about Felting Tools); Felters in the News; Bits and Pieces Column; Calendar

ISSUE 1 (Jul/Aug 92). Is This the Year for Felt? (overview of felting articles in various fiber magazines); The International Feltmakers' Association; The Felt Museum, Mouzon, France; Chinese Felt Rugs of the Shoso-In; Video Tape Reviews: Feltmaking by Hand and Feltmaking; Garments and Surface Design Techniques by Anne Vickrey; Felting Hints Column (Norwegian Boot Pattern, Felting Tool); Felt Bibliography Available; Calendar

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