The FELTMAKERS mailing list is an ongoing discussion group about feltmaking.  The members make felt out of wool (or other animal fiber) fleece, without the use of knitting, crocheting, weaving or some other means of fabric construction.  Yarn is not used to make the fabric.  It is made directly from the fiber itself.

The FELTMAKERS mailing list is a listserv run under Majordomo software.  The list manager/owner is Pat Spark,

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subscribe feltmakers (your email address)
in the message area (you do not need to include your name). The subject may be left empty. You must be subscribing for yourself only and you should be sending your email from the address to which you wish your FELTMAKERS mail to come.
unsubscribe feltmakers (your email address)
in the message area. You should be sending this unsubscribe command from the address to which your FELTMAKERS mail comes. Do not post an unsubscribe message to the list for distribution.
Hints on Unsubscribing




To send a message to the list owner, send email to: or

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Hints on Unsubscribing

One of the problems people are having is that the address that is subscribed to the list is not the same one they are trying to unsubscribe from. Several people recently have had thisproblem. Perhaps their address in the From: area has their name and then the actual email address. Majordomo cannot read the name. If it says Pat Spark <> and the actual majordomo address is, it thinks you are trying to unsubscribe the words Pat Spark and majordomo doesn't have this address for you.

Another problem is that some servers add something into the address, unbeknownst to you. For instance, the server might add the words <myhost.> to the address. Then majordomo cannot unsubscribe that address for it does not exist on the list. This might look like: instead of The addresses have to be exact.  

To find out what your address is: email to and in the body of the message write: who feltmakers. After receiving back the answer (which is a list of the addresses subscribed to the feltmakers list) look down for your address. This is the one that majordomo thinks is yours and you must use that address to unsubscribe.

The usual way to unsubscribe from the list is to email to and in the body of the message write: unsubscribe feltmakers (your address). Try this first. If you get a message saying that the address you are emailing from is not a member of the feltmakers list, it means that your address is not the same one as the one for you on the list.

If you cannot unsubscribe yourself from the list, email to me directly at and request that I help you.  
NOTE:  I am sometimes away teaching workshops or on vacation.  I usually let the list know when this is going to happen and often someone at my house (usually my daughter Kjerstin) can help you unsubscribe.   So email me directly and in the subject area say: ATTENTION KJERSTIN! (Don't mail to the felt list, mail to ) Then in the body of the message ask kjerstin to unsubscribe you from the list and give her the address that is listed for you in who feltmakers. She cannot look through the list to find the correct address. This is your responsibility.   Please allow several days for this to happen as my family does not check the mail every day when I am gone.  Also, even when I'm home, I seldom check the mail on the weekends.  This is our family time, and I just don't get into my office to work on the computer.

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updated: July 28, 2003