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Visitation Page

Enforcing your parenting
plan in Oregon
Developing and enforcing
your parenting plan
County by county listing of
parenting time information and forms
Police Department Custodial
Interference Policy
Tips & Hints
Article on New York visitation/
child support case
Circuit Court Policies
Regarding Visitation
Oregon Visitation
Case Law
Actual Visitation Order
with specific visitation
Oregon Statute on
Inspection of childs records

Family Education Rights & Privacy
Act Regulations 34 CFR Part 99.4
Notice of intent to
exercise parental rights
Oregon Statute that orders
accounting of child support
Oregon Statute that cancels
child support when parenting
time is denied
Oregon parenting time
enforcement procedure
ORS 107.434
Find your states laws

Payment of support tied to visitation:

BARELA V. BARELA, 579 P.2d 1253 (1978 NM)
CARPENTER V. CARPENTER, 220 Va.299 (1979)
COOPER V. COOPER, 375 NE 2d 925 (Ill. 1978)
FEUER V. FEUER, 50 A.2d 772 (NY 1975)
NEWTON V. NEWTON, 202 Va. 515 (1961)
PETERSON V. PETERSON, 530 P.2d 821 (Utah 1974)
SORBELLO V. COOK, 403 NY Supp. 2d 434 (1978)

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