DADS was created by divorced, separated, and unwed fathers for the benefit of all FATHERS.
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Oregon House Bill 2941 (html | pdf) would permit man to petition court to reopen issue of paternity if blood tests show zero percent probability that man is father of child. Establishes conditions under which court may render judgment of nonpaternity. Every father in Oregon should support HB 2941!

Listen to the public testimony by DADS America (RealPlayer®) supporting HB 2941 (html | pdf) which was held on Wednesday April 6, 2005. Read the Oregon Paternity Bill HB 2941 (html | pdf).

Listen to the public testimony by DADS America (RealPlayer®) opposing Senate Bill 234 (html | pdf ) on February 24, 2005. Forward to the 1 hour 3 minute mark for the start of testimony on this bill, DADS testimony starts at the 1 hour 18 minute mark.

Oregon Dads with paternity issues
Contact Matt at

DADS America needs fathers to show support for HB 2941 (html | pdf), if you want to help please email

Family Law Programs and Services in Oregon
Enforcing Your Parenting Plan in the State of Oregon
Parenting Plan Information
Oregon Family Law Forms

Oregon Child Support 1-800 numbers
(800) 850-0228 touch tone phones
(800) 850-0294 rotary phones
What if I Have a Grievance? As a public service, DADS Oregon provides the Oregon Child Support Grievance form in .pdf format. If your browser supports .pdf files this will open up in your browser, otherwise download this file then open in the Adobe Acrobat reader then print.

Oregon ranks 5th in the nation in removing children from their homes.

A DNA catch 22, and who ever said Discrimination against Dads never happens...check out this fathers story. Bright aftermath follows father's bruising battle for baby daughter. Note that the SCF policy is only for mothers, what about fathers?

Project Vote Smart has included the Fathers Online report card scores on its web site for Oregon Legislators.

The Oregon Supreme Court rules ‘best interest of child’ main factor in custody disputes. See the two most recent rulings where the fathers were granted custody. 5-20-99.


Social policies in the United States have never included support for fathers in keeping their families together. While trillions of dollars are being spent on welfare for women, (mothers?) and children, nothing is being spent for FATHERS. Resources such as United Way exclude services for FATHERS. State court systems have circumvented Fathers since before 1880, (See Hart vs. Hart 14 Philadelphia Reports 352) while bureaucrats, and politicians create families, (mostly women and children) headed and ruled by the state, leaving a social service void for FATHERS.

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DADS has made available Web Pages on information for fathers on the following topics: [Top]


DADS' purpose is to off-set the existing anti-male gender bias in our public social service funding, and expenditures by providing an opportunity of a tax deduction for your contributions supporting the services that we offer FATHERS.

DADS' essence is a belief that FATHERS need an informational resource concerning FATHERS rights and remedies during the stressful periods of family breakup. Because states provide men and women no choice of marriage contracts with their marriage license, DADS herewith pledges to PRESERVE, PROTECT, and DEFEND the FATHER headed family, and to pass the history of FATHERHOOD to subsequent generations.




DADS Bookshelf

The Divorce Sourcebook
by Dawn Beadley Berry, JD
The (almost) Painless Divorce
by Jeannie Garden
Why men Don't Date
by Otto Haugland
Fathers & Grandfathers
Under Siege by Sal Farielo
The Father's Almanac
by S. Adadms Sullivan
by Goeffrey Grief
The Father's Almanac
by Daniel Amneus
The Custody Hoax
by Wayne Anderson
The Child Abuse Industry
by Mary Pride
Fathers Under Fire: The Revolution
in Child Support Enforcement

DADS' Quotes

"Being a parent is very challenging. If you have kids you know that. I welcome that challenge and I look forward to it.

I will live vicariously through my kids as they play the game of basketball. If they don't, I will support that. My wife and I will do the same. We will do what we can as parents to make sure that happens.

That's the challenge that I have in front of me and I look forward to it."

Michael Jordan, 1-13-99

"...there is one title I cherish a great deal more than Congressman and that is the title of...Dad." J.C. Watts, 8-13-96

"Fathers Rights are alive and well. Their ENFORCEMENT takes effort, commitment, and eternal vigilance." Bob Hirschfeld

"If some among you fear taking a stand because you are afraid of reprisals from customers, clients, or even government, recognize that you are just feeding the crocodile hoping he'll eat you last."
Ronald Reagan


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Here are some interesting articles from Newspapers and Magazines from across the world that are of interest to fathers. New additions are always welcome.

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